Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis has garnered an Academy Award nomination for his leading role in the Steven Spielberg box office blockbuster, “Lincoln”. The veteran of such classic films as “My Left Foot”, “Gangs Of New York”, and “There Will Be Blood”, has received uniformly positive reviews for his portrayal of the sensitive, brooding Abraham Lincoln, doomed 16th President of the United States. Daniel Day Lewis has long been known as a consummate actor who takes a painstakingly methodical approach to each and every acting role that he chooses to take on. This meticulous attention to minutiae has earned him a reputation as an actor’s actor, as well as critical darling.

All things considered, this hot acclaim is well deserved. Daniel Day Lewis has long been known as a craftsman who spends the entirety of a film shoot “in character”. While brooding, overly meticulous, actors are hardly newsworthy as such (the public well remembers the curious exploits of such greats as Marlon Brando, George C. Scott, and Charles Bronson), Daniel Day Lewis has managed to take the well worn trope of the “consummate actor” to new and unheard of lengths. Still, while Daniel Day Lewis may never be known as “just a regular Joe chilling on the beach” when off set, he has managed to craft a career which will long outlast most of his competitors.

Lewis’ chances will be helped immeasurably by the fact that “Lincoln” is another in the long series of corporate approved, politically correct, vehicles helmed by the master opportunist, Steven Spielberg. As long as the film remained on the “correct” side of the present day political arguments between progressive Democrats and Tea Party Republicans, “Lincoln” was sure to strike an appreciative chord among Blue State moviegoers. Meanwhile, Red Staters could hardly call foul on the film’s depiction of events, since Lincoln himself is regarded as the leading hero of the Republican Party. Spielberg’s calculation ought to ensure that Lewis will win the Academy Award.