Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington Denzel Washington has earned for himself yet another nod for Best Actor at the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony, which is slated to take place in Hollywood on February 24, 2013. The veteran actor, famous for his roles in such cinematic masterpieces as “Glory”, “Training Day”, and “American Gangster”, earned another Oscar nomination for his role in “Flight”. Washington’s performance was lauded by critics as yet another masterful depiction of a dramatic yet believable everyman who rises above daunting circumstances to triumph in the end. Denzel’s special blend of naturalism and pathos won him kudos from critics and movie goers all over the world.

“Flight” garnered rave critical reviews, chiefly due to Denzel Washington’s studied yet meticulous portrayal of “Whip”, a commercial airline pilot who manages to pull off a hero’s task of safely landing a damaged jet liner. In the process, Whip saves the lives of some 98 out of a total of 106 passengers. However, this act of heroism comes under increasing scrutiny from both the authorities and the media, as it is revealed that Whip may have spent the night before his flight in an inebriated state. Washington manages to portray the character of Whip with masterful poise, virtually ensuring himself an Academy Awards nod for Best Actor. However, competition remains intense.

In the hands of veteran director John Zemeckis and classic Hollywood screen writing icon John Gatins, Denzel Washington has managed to deliver a standout acting performance which may yet one day be ranked as one of the finest of his entire career. Washington also receives ample support from an ensemble cast that includes such legendary luminaries as John Goodman (“Roseanne”, “The Big Lebowski”, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”), Don Cheadle (“Casino”), Kelly Reilly, Bruce Greenwood, and a host of others. In short, Denzel Washington has delivered yet another outstanding performance, and his presence among the Best Actor nominees is deserved.