Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix, known to millions as the actor who made “Signs”, “I Walk The Line”, and “Gladiator”, such breakout box offices smashes, returns with a vengeance to the halls of the venerable Academy. He is nominated for Best Actor for his role in “The Master”. Alongside such luminaries as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Jesse Plemons, and Amy Ferguson, Phoenix’s role in this controversial box office smash has propelled him to yet another night spent basking in the glow of celebrity and peer recognition at the Academy. While the venerable Oscar has proven elusive to Phoenix in the past, February 24 may well be his hot date with destiny.

Joaquin Phoenix’s rise to the top of the modern international cinematic market place has been slow but steady. He first garnered critical acclaim and limited audience recognition as a child actor. Of course, he is known to millions as the sibling of breakout child star River Phoenix, whose tragic demise propelled young Joaquin to prominence as an able successor. Since that time, Joaquin has fanned the flames of media recognition and critical kudos, appearing as the evil young Emperor Commodus in Russell Crowe’s immortal “Gladiator”. He has also portrayed legendary American country singer Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line”. His career is red hot.

Phoenix’s turn as an impressionable, yet irascible, young drifter who rises to be second in command of a faith based organization headed by Philip Seymour Hoffman caught critical eyes and turned the heads of millions of movie goers all across the globe. His all or nothing characterization as the eager acolyte who rises from poverty to become disenchanted with the easy wealth of religious life struck a sympathetic chord with millions of Americans who are weary of – and very concerned about – the rise of the hyper fundamentalist “religious right” in this country. As such, Phoenix’s role is quite timely, and well deserving of astute recognition by the Academy.