Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain Jessica Chastain shot to nationwide prominence in the eyes of critical appraisers, movie lovers, and industry bigwigs alike with her riveting performance in military action thriller “Zero Dark Thirty”. Chastain, who has shot to prominence in the last few years via well regarded cinematic vehicles such as “The Tree Of Life” and “Lawless”, has been exceedingly busy and prolific in the wake of her Oscar nominated star turn in “Zero Dark Thirty”, She is potentially slated to appear in no less than three separate films over the course of the coming year. While details concerning these projects have not yet been public, one thing is certain. Jessica Chastain has staying power.

While “Zero Dark Thirty” riveted audiences with its “ripped from the headlines” portrayal of the massive, decade long, manhunt, location, and eventual elimination of noted Al-Queda terrorist Osama Bin Laden, it also created a veritable firestorm of controversy concerning its depiction of alleged “enhanced torture” techniques, such as water boarding and other similar measures of dubious legality. Still, Jessica Chastain gave an excellent performance, rising to prominence in a traditionally male dominated genre (the military action thriller). Even against such long odds, Chastain proved a trooper, and the resultant nomination for Best Actress was well deserved and long overdue.

Of course, Jessica Chastain also benefited immeasurably from a stellar supporting cast which included such hard hitting, heavyweight luminaries as Mark Strong, Joel Edgerton, Chris Pratt, and legendary “Sopranos” star, James Gandolfini. Still, when the chips were down, Jessica Chastain rose to the occasion and graced movie going audiences all over the world with a witty, breakneck, performance which will long be remembered in the annals of cinematic history. For this alone, she deserves her nod as Best Actress, and may well walk away with the prize. One can only hope Jessica Chastain’s future career continues along such a brash and distinguished course.