Ang Lee

Ang Lee Veteran film director Ang Lee has secured yet another Academy Award nomination for Best Director for the box office smash sensation “Life Of Pi”. The film was based on Yann Martel’s best selling novel of the same name. This classic coming of age survival yarn revolves primarily around a young man who finds himself the lone survivor of a freak accident involving the sinking of a commercial freighter ship. In a bizarre twist of events, this youth finds himself aboard a life boat with an unlikely cast of fellow survivors. These include an injured zebra, a scene stealing hyena, an affable orangutan, and -most notable of all- a hungry Bengal tiger. It’s quite an animal assortment!

Ang Lee has long been known as a maverick director who chooses to take on difficult and even off putting subject matter in his films. However, “Life Of Pi” showed the calculating maven at the top of his directorial prowess, and easily triumphed at the box office. The film courted some mild controversy from animal rights activists, but shone through as a winner, due to its combination of realistic situations and prime performances from its cast and crew. “Life Of Pi” featured an intriguingly international cast of stars, including such up and coming performers as Irfan Khan, Suraj Sharma, Adil Hussain, and Richard Parker. Ang Lee chose them adequately and wisely.

Of course, the wily director’s best choice of all was the irascible Gerard Depardieu, who has only managed to raise the film’s profile in the public consciousness by recently becoming embroiled in a bitter tax avoidance brouhaha which has lately resulted in him accepting Russian citizenship straight from the hands of Vladimir Putin himself. Ang Lee has remained distant but vaguely encouraging with regard to Depardieu’s latest outburst, and has sought to keep the focus squarely on the artistic merits and box office performance of the film itself. “Life Of Pi” should have an excellent chance of performing well at the latest round of Academy Awards in February.