Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Legendary Hollywood power player, Ben Affleck, has secured an Academy Award nomination for his direction of “Argo”. The presumably affable leading man and director scored a knockout blow at the box office with this excellently filmed and painstakingly detailed look at the surreptitious efforts of American forces to free six kidnapped citizens at the height of the Iranian hostage crisis. While this operation was blacked out in the public consciousness by the CIA for several decades afterward, it was recently “declassified” and, as such, made prime fodder for cinematic adaptation at the hands of an opportunistic Hollywood maven. Ben Affleck has risen to the task.

In addition to taxing his skills as a leading Hollywood director, Ben Affleck made use of a top notch screenwriter, Chris Terrio. The combination was enough to ensure the participation of top Hollywood acting talent such as John Goodman, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, Clea DuVall, and Affleck himself. Audiences responded to the film’s combination of high profile firepower and painstaking attention to details. They rewarded Affleck and his cabal of top industry players with a sure fire smash. In addition, because “Argo” took aim at a safely agreed upon figure of derision (the Ayatollah and his ilk), the prospect of offending movie goers and their wallets was minimized.

Affleck is a fast emerging power presence on the modern international market place, partly because of his affable persona, partly for his increasing acumen and financial chutzpah when choosing new projects to helm. Due to these and other qualities, the Academy Awards should prove to be a comfortable domain for Affleck to appear in for many years to come. While “Argo” may have merely an outsider’s chance of taking home the Best Director Oscar, Ben Affleck himself is likely to remain a recognizable player in the industry. His mastery of the Hollywood ethos – patriotism, optimism, and realistic violence – will stand him in good stead, and ensure that his skills remain in demand.