“Argo” has been nominated as Best Picture at the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony, which is slated to take place in Hollywood on February 24, 2013. “Argo”, which, like its fellow nominees “Lincoln” and “Zero Dark Thirty”, is a silver screen chronicle based on events which occurred in real life, represents the joint effort of director Ben Affleck and screen writer Chris Terrio. Based on Ben Affleck’s excellent reputation as a Hollywood leading man and power player in the industry, “Argo” has a strong chance to take home the Best Picture award. Terrio’s screen writing skills are likewise top rated in the industry, and contribute strongly to its chances of victory.

“Argo” is the story of the little known, life or death, covert operation which was mounted in November 1979, in order to rescue six Americans whose life and limb were threatened during the initial unfolding of the Iranian hostage crisis. The true details of this massive covert operation were “blacked out” to the media by the CIA, and were unknown to the public for many decades to come. Indeed, it was only recently that the full extent and details of this “black op” procedure were made available to the public. Quickly capturing the attention of opportunistic mavens Affleck and Terrio, these details were made into a Hollywood blockbuster with remarkable rapidity.

Ben Affleck has also garnered a Academy Award nomination for Best Director. This rare combination of Oscar nods for Best Picture and Best Director by the leading actor in the same feature film has sent Hollywood fans and insiders into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation. Whether Affleck can pull off such a rare “double bonus” and walk away with the Hollywood motion picture industry’s top prize remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain: “Argo” and its leading man will continue to be a top ranking and earning presence in the industry for many years to come. Time is on Ben Affleck’s side, and his future certainly seems to be a rich and fruitful one.