“Lincoln” is the latest joint production of legendary Hollywood director Steven Spielberg (“E.T.”, “Jaws”, “Schindler’s List”, “1941″) and screenwriter Tony Kushner (“Angels In America”). This blockbuster film features painstaking historical accuracy and standout performances from such modern giants of the silver screen such as Daniel Day Lewis (“Gangs Of New York”, “There Will Be Blood”, “My Left Foot”), Sally Field (“Sybil”, “Norma Rae”), Tommy Lee Jones (“Men In Black”, “The Fugitive”), and many others. This film is expected to be a heavy favorite among audiences to take home the ultimate Oscar prize, in recognition of Best Picture of 2012. Its chances are strong.

Not only does the picture stand nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, but several of its individual components stand to win for their contributions. Daniel Day Lewis, who excelled in the title role, stands to win the top prize for Best Actor, while director Steven Spielberg looks poised to once again collect the big one for Best Director. Both of these stars are veteran performers, with many past blockbusters and Oscar nods and wins to their credit. While some Oscar watchers may contend that the Academy likes to recognize new talent from far afield, the reality is that success sells, and no success is as good as continued success. Look for the comfort of recognition to reign supreme at this years’ Academy Awards.

“Lincoln”, in addition to its themes of political upheaval amid a time of partisan fervor and economic uncertainty, struck a pointed chord with movie goers this past year. While Spielberg has, in general, been known as a merchant of political correctness, his collaboration with Kushner has taken his art to a whole new level of Hollywood approval, both artistically and financially. Look for “Lincoln” to score big in all of the categories it has won nomination in.