Zero Dark Thirty

“Zero Dark Thirty” is the controversial Hollywood blockbuster which chronicles the long transpiring attempts to locate and capture notorious Al Queda terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Indeed, the film is still whipping up a veritable whirlwind of controversy. Recent reports indicate that the CIA may have provided false or misleading details to the makers of the film, which would mean that “Zero Dark Thirty” is less than entirely accurate in its reportage. Still, these minuscule caveats do not mar the quality of this great picture when considered merely as a work of Hollywood ingenuity. The film was a smash box office success, and should have a strong chance of Oscar success.

“Zero Dark Thirty” was directed by veteran Hollywood presence Kathryn Bigelow. The screenplay was penned by up and coming power player Mark Boal. “Zero Dark Thirty” received rave reviews, and was one of the top grossing films of the year. All of these accomplishments resulted in the Academy Awards nod, which guarantees excellent resale value when the film is marketed on Blu-Ray and DVD. Projected receipt figures are universally encouraging, and the film looks to remain as one of the industry’s best performing long term financial prospects. In addition, Kathryn Bigelow has also secured an Oscar nod for Best Director of this top grossing blockbuster.

“Zero Dark Thirty” also benefited from a strong cast of stars and supporting roles. Such breakout figures as Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Frank Grillo, and Reda Kateb made lasting impressions on audience goers, while veteran actor James Gandolfini (“The Sopranos”) continued his trademark trajectory of quirky character roles. The film was praised for its painstaking historical accuracy and devotion to detail (notwithstanding the recent revelations of CIA misinformation), and quickly found an audience of millions. This quick and indisputable success, coupled with the presence of a veteran director, should translate to peer recognition at the 85th annual Academy Awards.